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At our company, we have a team of enthusiastic, professional individuals dedicated to providing exceptional service. We take pride in showcasing the beauty of Vietnam to visitors from around the world, ensuring unforgettable experiences. Our diverse range of products embodies the essence of Vietnam, fostering genuine connections and celebrating local culture. With unique insights and a personal touch, we offer comprehensive and memorable experiences. We are committed to responsible tourism, making a positive impact on the environment, local communities, and Hoi An’s cultural heritage.

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As a fully licensed International Tour Operator, we are dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards for your safety and satisfaction. With our prestigious license (49-127/2023/TCDL-GP LHQT) issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, we are a trusted and legitimate partner. Our team consists of qualified professionals, including licensed tour guides, who are committed to delivering exceptional service and sharing their expertise

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Huy Ong · Co-founder

During my childhood, I was teased for my last name “Ong,” which means grandfather in Vietnamese. Seeking answers, I discovered that “Ong” connects me to the Cham people, who once ruled central Vietnam. 

This realization fueled my responsibility to preserve my ancestral land. As a tour guide for over seven years, I’ve witnessed the positive impact of tourism on Hoi An’s preservation, as well as the negative effects of mass tourism on local culture. With a passion for travel and a strong desire to make a difference, I have traveled extensively in Europe and Asia and worked for various companies. 

Through these experiences, I have come to believe in sustainable tourism and prioritize the growth of local communities. When the time came, I gathered my resources and founded my own company, dedicated to a new approach in tourism that ensures respect for heritage and fair treatment of locals. I am delighted to be working with talented young teammates at Momo, and together, we will grow from the inside out.

Minh Dang · Co-founder

​​Hey there, I’m Minh, a happy and enthusiastic tour guide at Momo Travel. I was born and raised in Hanoi, and my love for Hoi An has kept me here since 2013. I can’t wait to share my passion for this town, its rich culture, and the warm and fascinating characters of its people with you.

My diverse background has greatly contributed to my role as a tour guide. I spent 8 incredible years in Shanghai, immersing myself in the vibrant culture and gaining valuable insights into the interplay between tradition and modernity. These years shaped my understanding of diverse cultures and their significance in the travel landscape. To further enhance my expertise, I pursued a Master’s degree in Environment, Society, and Development from the esteemed National University of Ireland, Galway. This educational journey broadened my horizons and deepened my understanding of global environmental challenges and sustainable development.

In Vietnam, I also have ten years of experience working with a local NGO, engaging in various community projects and leading sustainable field schools for students. Interestingly, during this time, one of my former students, Huy, went on to become the founder of Momo Travel – now my boss. It brings me joy and pride to see our paths intersect again as we both share a commitment to responsible travel.

I would be more than happy to show you around Hoi An and create unforgettable memories together that will last a lifetime.

Momo · Happiness keeper

Ello, I’m Momo. I’m a mix breed of German Shepherd and Phu Quoc Ridgeback. Huy adopted me in 2021, and since then it seems like I’ve brought a lot of joy to his life, so much so that I became the inspiration for his company name.

I’ve even been a part of numerous virtual tours and have garnered a fan base from all over the world, including the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and even Indonesia. They send me treats and gifts, which I absolutely love. I adore playing at the beach and in rice fields, diving my body into the muddy areas and having a great time. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a fantastic day!

Woof woof.

Thu Trang · Tour Guide

My name is Thu Trang, meaning “Jungle flame in autumn.” Named by my grandma with love, she envisioned a gentle and feminine exterior, contrasting with a wild, passionate, and fiery spirit within.

Initially a tour guide at XO Tours Saigon, I found my heart stolen by Hoi An when I arrived to manage a branch in 2017. Serendipity struck as I also met my life partner here, prompting our decision to settle and build our lives in this captivating city we now both cherish.

After six years in Hoi An, my love for the city remains steadfast. It offers a tapestry of landscapes: mountains, beaches, rivers, and rice paddies. The fusion of cultures, delectable cuisine, warm-hearted people, and an idyllic pace make it perfect for me.

Being a guide for the esteemed Momo Travel Team is a blessing. Each day unfolds as a fresh expedition, meeting new faces, and sharing stories from across the globe. As an “Ambassador” of Hoi An’s history and cultural splendor, I feel privileged to showcase the city I hold dear.

Join me on a tour, and I’ll reveal the hidden gems, allowing you to unveil the enchanting and alluring facets of Hoi An!

Vinh Bui · Tour Guide

My name is Vinh. I was born and raised in Saigon, the largest city in Vietnam. I began working in tourism as a tour guide and in hospitality in 2016.

In 2019, I made the decision to embark on a motorbike journey across Vietnam to explore and deepen my knowledge about our homeland. This adventure turned out to be the most incredible experience of my life.

Traveling through various places in Vietnam, I discovered that our country not only boasts breathtaking landscapes but also a rich cultural diversity. Each location has its own unique stories that cannot be fully described in books; you have to be there to truly feel and experience it.

During my trip, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, leading me to pause in Hoian for a while. However, I unexpectedly fell in love with this enchanting town. The people exuded positivity, and the culture was incredibly vibrant. Consequently, soon after completing my journey, I decided to settle down in Hoian and start a new chapter of my life. Hoian is a captivating, warm-hearted place that has become my second home. Although it may be a small city, the sense of community is strong. It offers a plethora of delicious food, friendly neighbors, and kind-hearted lady vendors who always greet you with smiles and warmth. So, why don’t we take a walk together and explore Hoian as friends?

Dung Kamala · Tour Guide

I’m Kamala, a tour guide, a yogi, and a mother to 2 cats.

I have been living in Saigon for several years, spending 4 years at university studying law and then working in Tourism as a Travel Consultant for an additional 3 years. This experience has provided me with a strong foundation in exploring Vietnam and Asia. However, after 7 years in Saigon, I felt overwhelmed by the population, traffic, and chaos. Consequently, I made the decision to relocate to Hoian.

I have been working as a professional tour guide since 2019, but then the Covid pandemic occurred. During the 2 years of the pandemic, I underwent training to become a yoga instructor, embracing the traditional practices of yoga and meditation.

I firmly believe that what happens on the inside reflects on the outside. My role as a tour guide allows me to interact and serve people more effectively, while yoga helps me enhance my tour guiding abilities.

Allow me to show you the city I hold dearest to my heart.

Thao Huyen · Tour Guide

Meet Huyen, your friendly local tour guide from Hoi An. With a deep love for her hometown, she delights in showing people around and sharing its rich history and vibrant culture.

Huyen enjoys meeting people from different countries and has traveled to over 7 countries, including Japan, the USA, and the Philippines. She spent over two years in Australia.

Her experiences abroad have broadened her perspective, making visitors feel at home. Huyen holds a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Melbourne, bringing a passion for nature and sustainability to her tours.

She emphasizes the importance of preserving Hoi An’s natural beauty. In her free time, she enjoys spending time on Cham Islands with her 2 dogs. Join Huyen on an unforgettable journey through Hoi An, where her local expertise, warm personality, and contagious enthusiasm will make your visit truly special.

Thien Tran · Tour Guide

My name is Nguyen Vu Thien Tran, and I come from Sai Gon, in the southern part of Vietnam. I was born in 1999, making me 24 years old.

Since I turned 18, I made the decision to explore and travel around my country. Vietnam is a long and diverse country with so much for me to learn about. I have lived in Da Lat, Da Nang, Hue, and Ha Noi, but it was when I moved to Hoi An that I discovered a place that truly resonated with me. I instantly fell in love with this city, and I have been living here for the past 2 years.

One thing I am incredibly proud of is growing up in a unique family. During the Vietnam War, my father’s family sided with the North, while my mother’s family followed the South. They even had different religious beliefs, with my mother being Buddhist and my father being Catholic. Their ways of life and traditions were distinct, but they always embraced new trends. Having been exposed to both sides of the story, I am fortunate to have an open-minded perspective and a wealth of knowledge to share about Vietnam from multiple dimensions.

I am a bubbly and outgoing person with a great sense of humor. I love engaging in conversations and sharing my positive energy to make your time here even more enjoyable.

I hope we have the opportunity to hang out together and create lasting memories.

Anh Nguyen · Tour Guide

My name is Nguyên, and I am from Đà Nẵng. However, I have been living in Hội An for over 10 years, working as a tour guide. In addition to that, I have gained experience working in various other places, such as a vegan restaurant, a wellness center, and a refillables shop.

Apart from my work as a tour guide, I am currently studying traditional medicine. I have a deep appreciation for nature and enjoy spending time in gardens. Meeting new people brings me joy, as I am eager to share my knowledge and also learn from others.

Life, to me, is all about gaining experiences, doing what we love, and loving what we do. I strive to be happy and spread happiness to the people I encounter.

A local-led company who are genuinely passionate about its community and sharing it in an authentic way with travelers to Vietnam.

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