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Integrating Community, Culture, and Sustainability

At Momo Travel, we deeply believe in the transformative power of education to positively impact lives and communities. Our distinctive school trips, crafted for both international and local students and aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), seamlessly combine development studies, social and cultural anthropology, and service learning in Central Vietnam. Through strategic partnerships with local NGOs, Universities possessing strong community ties and governmental support, we ensure that every trip is both impactful and sustainable, fostering meaningful educational experiences.

More than an Edu trip!

Momo Travel, in partnership with the Action Center for Development (NGO), offers educational tours grounded in experiential learning. Our trips provide a holistic approach: integrating hands-on activities, cultural immersion, and real-world applications to enhance curriculum material. This comprehensive method allows students to expand their knowledge, develop critical thinking, and acquire essential skills.

  • Engage in practical experiences that complement academic learning.
  • Live and learn within the local community to understand diverse perspectives.
  • Witness and analyze the direct impact of policies and practices in various contexts.


The smooth planning and safe execution of your trip is our priority. As standard, we provide the following for all our trips:


Pre-trip meetings for designing bespoke trips.


Risk Assessments for all activities and locations


Bilingual Vietnamese Guide with International Tour Guide license accompanying group


Evacuation Plans
First aid trained staff


All bookings for airport transfers, transport, accommodation, meals and activities in-country


All permissions for regional access and campsites

Travel Assistance

Assistance with International flights and Vietnam visas

We Care!

24 hour care during trips

Why choose us?

Tailored Approaches: We customize our strategies to meet specific community needs, adapting to local contexts.

Flexibility: Our adaptable methods ensure each project is effective and relevant.

Diverse Team: Our multicultural team offers global insights and culturally sensitive project implementation.

Inclusivity: We prioritize inclusive practices, respecting and integrating local cultures and traditions.

Enhanced Community Trust: Strong local relationships ensure smoother project execution and higher acceptance.

Expertise and Quality: Our team’s experience and international education guarantee high-quality, effective solutions.
Sustainable Impact: We focus on long-term benefits, contributing to global sustainability efforts.

Tailored Approaches: Customized solutions address unique community challenges, ensuring higher effectiveness.

Global Insights: Access to best practices from around the world enhances project quality and impact.

Deep Connections: Our long-standing relationships with local communities and government, nurtured through years of NGO work, provide unparalleled access and trust.

Established Partnerships: Our collaboration with local stakeholders ensures projects are welcomed and supported.

Expertise: Our team members bring extensive experience in community development and project management.

Global Education: Staff educated in Australia, Ireland, and Japan bring international perspectives and best practices to our programs.

Commitment: We align our initiatives with sustainable development goals, ensuring they are environmentally and socially responsible.

Long-Term Impact: Our projects are designed to provide lasting benefits to both the community and the environment.

Momo exceeded all expectations! Their exceptional service and attention to detail made our field school experience unforgettable. Highly recommend for seamless travel arrangements and cultural immersion and wonderful humans!
Dr Edwina Fingleton-Smith
Australian National University
As former convenor of the Australian National University's Vietnam Field School, I worked with Minh for several years. His role was to facilitate our stay in a rural part of Hôi An, and oversee a team of local research facilitators aiding our students to conduct fieldwork. Minh was an indispensable partner to our school, introducing us to fascinating sites for our case studies around alternative agriculture, environmental challenges and solutions, and local civil society and culture. His knowledge of the past and present of Hoi An, and his rapport with local people old and young, are unmatched. Students always came away from site visits with Minh and his team with a glow of excitement at the things they had learnt and people they had met.
Dr Ashley Carruthers
Lecturer in Anthropology ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Our partners

Meet our team

Our team blends diverse academic backgrounds and international experiences with a shared commitment to sustainability and community development. With years of experience working with local NGOs, government bodies, and international organizations in preservation, heritage management, and community development, we leverage our expertise to create meaningful, lasting impacts. Each project addresses immediate needs and promotes long-term sustainability and growth in the communities we serve.

Minh Dang

Master's degree in Environment, Society, and Development

National University of Ireland, Galway 🇮🇪

Huyen Cao

Masters degree in Environmental Studies

University of Melbourne 🇦🇺

Vy Huynh

Master’s degree in Life and Environmental Sciences

University of Tsukuba, Japan 🇯🇵

Ha My

Master's degree in Sustainable Urban Development

University of Stuttgart, Germany 🇩🇪

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