Hoi An Heat Relief: 10 Refreshing Activities

Travelers may find it challenging to discover Hoi An on a hot summer day. However, you still can explore the culture of Hoi An, and enjoy this beautiful town in many different ways. Here are some options you can look into. 

Explore Hoi An in the morning

1. Walk in the old town in the early hours 

Opposite to the busy scene in the evening, the old town is completely quite in the early morning from 5. am to 6.30. am. In the early morning, we can relish the tranquil and uncluttered atmosphere of the old town. We can also immerse ourselves in the local ambiance, engaging in activities like having breakfast, sipping coffee, or simply meeting and chatting with the people of Hoi An, as they greet one another before embarking on the new day. Especially in the morning, the sunlight blends with the hues of the old town and the river, enhancing our ability to relish the vibrant and enchanting scenery.

2. Discover other corners of Hoi An on Thu Bon River 

One special way to escape the heat is to be on the river. Traveling on the river may give us different insights and views of the town. You can experience a beautiful sunrise and local life with a tour with Hoi An Kayak Tours or rent a Kayak or a SUP to discover the river all by yourselves. Redeem 10% discount by saying friend of Momo Travel.

3. Relax on the beach with a cold drink 

Traveling doesn’t necessarily entail a jam-packed itinerary of activities. Sometimes, allowing yourself to indulge in a little laziness, lounging on the beach with a refreshing beverage is the ultimate way to savor life, particularly on a hot summer day. Hoi An has a long coast, and many good local restaurants, and bars where you can find yourself comfortably. Our favorite quite spot is Sound of Silence

Cool hidden coffee shop

4. Treat yourself to a nice coffee or a good cup of tea 

Hoi An may surprise you with some adorable and hidden places. For example, spending a morning in an interesting setting with a nice coffee will always be a good choice for many people. Here are some suggestions:

You can taste Vietnamese tea in a very interesting and modern way at one of the best tea houses in Vietnam as well as in Hoi An –  La.kao Teahouse.

La.Kao tea house

Beat the heat by engaging in refreshing afternoon activities. 

5. Local food in the afternoon 

Hoi An is an ancient town brimming with a rich cultural heritage. Wherever there is a rich culture, there is always a delectable cuisine to accompany it. Join us on our vegan food tour to discover more. The tour will be organized in the late afternoon, therefore, we can enjoy the food without heat. 

Food tour with Momo

6. Cold beer treat 

Enjoying a delicious beer is one of the best ways to take care of yourself in the scorching summer weather. Hoi An has many places to drink beer, but not everyone knows the coolest spots, where to find the best-tasting beers or the local’s favorite way to savor a beer. Sunset Brews and Craft Beer will save you time to find good places for beers in Hoi An. 

Craft beer tasting

7. Hoi An lantern at its best

Hoi An is known as the lantern town because when the sun sets, the entire ancient town is immersed in the vibrant and sparkling colors of lanterns. You will experience a very different Hoi An. Strolling through this magnificent scenery, learning and discovering the historical and cultural stories of Hoi An, and escaping from the glaring sunlight, are among the fascinating experiences in Hoi An.

8. The ghost and the mystery reveal the history 

Hoi An is a port city with over 500 years of history, where multiple countries, cultures, and religions intersect. Therefore, the spiritual life of the people of Hoi An is also rich and highly valued by the locals. Walking along the ancient streets, visiting places that only the locals truly understand, and exploring the mysterious stories of this city will provide insights into the history and culture of Hoi An. This experience place in the evening, offering a unique experience to discover Hoi An.

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