Hoi An in the Rain, top things to do!

A trip to Hoi An in Vietnam is like giving your buddies a serious case of FOMO. But hey, sometimes Mother Nature decides to throw a curveball with the weather. No worries though – rain or shine, this place is a blast.

When the raindrops start falling, don’t let it ruin your mood. Hoi An got you covered with its charming old town to explore, cozy spots to sip on some killer drinks, and the river, which spills some epic stories if you’re willing to listen. So, grab an umbrella, pop that hood, and get ready to dive into some cool rainy day activities in Hoi An. Check out this list for a taste of the fun you can have, even when the heavens open up. 🌧️🌂

You’re going to get wet anyway, so take a walk with Momo: 

See, even when it’s raining, our friends really enjoy the stories about the history and culture of the ancient port town of Hoi An. You can also explore local dishes, vegetarian cuisine, or, if you’re brave enough, join us in learning about death rituals, the spiritual culture of the people of Hoi An and Vietnam with our unique Ghost Tour in Hoi An.

Walking Tour in the Rain


If you’re an introverted person who enjoys spending time alone, then the museums in Hoi An are not a bad choice to temporarily escape the rain. In the old town, there is a range of interesting museums where you can learn about folk culture, trade ceramic, traditional medicine, in the Hoi An region. Get yourself an entrance ticket to the Old town and start the journey.

Explore Museums

Killer drinks: 

You can escape the rain by strolling the streets and sipping a delicious beer at 7 Bridges Craft Beer*. If you prefer a cozy atmosphere and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the streets, hidden gems like La.Kao Tea-house* will provide you with a wonderful experience of Vietnamese tea, as well as the opportunity to chat with the interesting shop owners. The Inner Hoi An by Àla café is also an interesting hideaway for enjoying excellent coffee on a rainy day.

Hidden Coffee Shop

Sightseeing on the river: 

Viewing Hoi An from a different perspective on the river is also a fantastic experience. The boat with a canopy will keep you dry throughout this journey.

Tailor in Hoi An


Whether it’s raining or sunny, sitting in a warm and cozy theater at Lune Performance* and enjoying one of the best circus and art shows in Vietnam is a worthwhile activity.


We all know that Hoi An is famous for tailoring. When the rain comes, you can take advantage of the time spent in the tailoring shops and experience the tailor-made offerings of this small town. There are many good choices in Hoi An, and you may be overwhelmed by the selection among over 200 tailor shops here. To save you time, we recommend Thu 45 Tailoring*, where we believe you won’t have to worry about prices, services, quality, or reputation.

(*) Don’t forget, we’ll provide you with a QR code that offers an exclusive 10% discount to all the places marked with an (*) when you embark on the tour with Momo Travel.

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